Selected yeast FERMACTIVE®
Product Wine Characteristics
FERMACTIVE® RBR W/R/Ro Yeast for wines with excellent flavor profile. Highlight the specific varietal characteristics of red, white and rose wines.
FERMACTIVE® FCD W/R/Ro For all types of wines produced in difficult conditions (high alcohol, low NTU, low temperature, high doses of SO2). Suitable for production of sparkling wines and also for refermentation. Gives full bodied wines and complexe aromatic profile. Good for fermentation "sur lees".
FERMACTIVE® BLANC AROMATIQUE W Selected yeast strain for production of fresh, aromatic white wines. Excellent kinetics at low temperatures and good resistance to SO2 and high alcohol.
FERMACTIVE® AROME VARIETALE W/Ro Selected yeast strain for production of white wines with intensive and balanced aromatic profile. Produce ß-glucosidase which release and reveal the varietal aromas.
FERMACTIVE® ТHYOL W Selected yeast strain for releasing the thiol aromas. Significantly improve the aromatic profile and increase its intensity. Harmoniously integrate floral notes, fresh citrus fruit, passion fruit, fresh green spicy notes. Resistant to low temperatures.
FERMACTIVE® SAUVIGNON BLANC W Produce enzyme with carbon-sulphure-β-lyase activity which reveal the typical variety aromas. Produce wines with aromas of tropical fruit, pineapple, mango, lychee.
FERMACTIVE® CHARDONNAY W Yeast strain which reveals the typical varietal character of Chardonnay. Very good fermentation at low temperatures.Produce intense aromas of ripe tropical fruits.
FERMACTIVE® MUSCAT W Yeast strain for young, fresh, aromatic wines. Gives good aromatic and flavor profile and produce fermentation aromas.
FERMACTIVE® ROSE Ro Suitable for producing of rose wine with pleasant fruit flavours. When fermenting at 16-18°С it reveal strawberry aromas.
FERMACTIVE® ROUGE HARMONY R Specially selected for the production of full bodied and balanced red wines with intensive ripe fruit aromatic profile. Suitable for production of complex high quality red wines. Good production of glycerol.
FERMACTIVE® ROUGE PRIMEUR Ro/R For production of aromatic red wines type "primeur". Great production of aromatic esters . Gives elegant fruit wines.
FERMACTIVE® ROUGE STRUCTURE R Selected yeast strain for quality red wines destinated for aging. Remarkable flavor profile and excellent color stability. Complex aroma of red berries and pleasant spicy notes. Significant production of polysaccharides
FERMACTIVE® ROUGE EXPRESSION R Selected yeast strain for high quality red wines. Well structured wines with complex fruit and spicy flavor profile. Reveals the primary aromas of the grapes and develop spicy notes and aromas of dried fruit. Significant production of glycerol and polysaccharides. Improves the stability of color and polyphenols.
FERMACTIVE® MERLOT R Selected for production of high quality elegant, fruit wines with exceptional finesse and balance. Reveal the characteristics of Merlot and gives complex flavor of ripe fruits.
FERMACTIVE® CABERNET SAUVIGNON R Yeast for high quality red wines. Selected to reveal the characteristics of Cabernet. Highlight the typical varietal aromas. Give intense and complex aromatic profile, accompanied by finesse and roundness in the mouth. Great production of glycerol and polysaccharides. Suitable for wines for aging.
W= White wine; Ro=Rose wine; R= Red wines

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