A complete range of wine filtration products is available for our clients:

  • Filter sheets SDL®

The wide range of filter sheets SDL® is developed in order to respond of the specific needs of each production stage. They are produced in conformity of the EU norms and the filter sheets SDL® are a guaranty for the good results.

  • Perlite and diatomite

Sodinal is an official partner of the French company CECA Arkema Group, which is a specialist in filtration products and it is one of the world’s leaders in the production of perlite and diatomite. Our wide range of different types of perlite and diatomite allows us to propose an integrated solution for every type of filtration.

  • Cartridge filters

A range of cartridge filters with different porosity.

  • Depth Filter Lenticular Modules

A range of Depth Filter Lenticular Modules with different porosity and length.

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