Sodinal is аn official distributor of Parsec company and we offer a wide range of systems for management and control of the processes in the winemaking. Parsec is the world’s leader in development and production of high quality wine micro-oxygenation systems. Parsec is dedicated to the innovative and practical solutions for the winemaking.

Parsec’s products range covers each production stage helping wine producers to manage successfully and accurately the processes during the production of wines.

Mobile systems with 1 to 15 independent outlets or integrated stationary systems with up to 100 independent outlets.


- Single injection

- Macro-oxygenation

- Micro-oxygenation

Micro-oxygenation systems

Spreader is a smart sprinkler for pumping over. Electromechanical robot moves the head in two planes assuring an even pumping over and equal extraction. It is able to work in any tank with no matter what the shape or the size is.


CO2 dosing units

СО2 dosing

Alcoholic fermentation monitoring systems on the base of the quantity of СО2

Fermentation control

Effective system for mixing with inert gas during maceration-fermentation of red grape or during aging “sur lees”

Air mixing

Integrated systems for vinification management:

- Temperature control

- Fermentation control

- Micro-oxygenation

Winification systems


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