Sodinal offers а full range of machines for filtration of wine, must and lees. Our main partner is Spadoni which is a leading company in Europe in the field of filtration.

Meccanica Spadoni is an Italian company specialized in development and construction of filtration systems and it has a great experience in the wine industry.

Sodinal has also close partnership with other producers of filtration equipment such as Rover Pompe, Fratelli Marchisio and Bucher Vaslin (crossflow filtration and reverse osmosis).

To our clients Sodinal offers a full range of filtration systems:

Plate filters

Plate filters with various sizes:





Rotary vacuum filters

Filters with filtering surface from 2,5м2 to 40м2

Kieselghur filters

Kieselghur filters with horizontal or vertical screens and productivity from 50 hl/h to 1200 hl/h

Housings for microfiltration

Filters for microfiltration with 1 to 24 moduls, suitable for cartridge 30’’ or 40’’

Membrane filters

Filters with 12“ and 16“ modules

Press filters

Filters with plates from 20 to 120 and plate size from 400 mm to 1200 mm

Crossflow filters

Crossflow filters BucherVaslin for:

- Must

- Wine

- Lees

Reverse osmosis

Reverse osmosis systems BucherVaslin

Please, contact us for additional information and technical parameters. Our specialists are at your disposal for consultation and advice!

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