Sodinal is a partner of the Swiss company MOOG, which is producer of wide range of equipment for barrels and tanks cleaning.

MOOG is a worldwide known producer of professional cleaning systems for the wine industry. The company develops and produces it’s products in Switzerland. Using MOOG products is a guaranty for excellent cleaning even in very difficult conditions. They have low energy and water consumption, long life and reliability without a need of special maintenance.

To our clients Sodinal offers a wide range of equipment for barrels and tanks cleaning:

Handheld unit which cleans the inside of the barrel through a rotating head and siphons off the dirty water at the same time.

For barrels from 225l to 600l and possibility for cleaning of stacked barrels on a few rows.

Mobile barrel cleaners

Stationary units for barrels cleaning:

- FR1 –Mobile barrel cleaning system where the barrels are loaded manually

- FR2 –Simultaneous cleaning of two barrels placed on the rack and positioned on the cleaner with a forklift

- FRDuplexCleans two barrels at the same time which are loaded manually.

Stationary units

High and low pressure three-dimensional rotating spray heads

Tank washers

- Cold water cleaners

- Hot water cleaners

- Stationary units

- Peripheral equipment

High pressure cleaners

Please, contact us for additional information and technical consultance about MOOG systems.


Barrel and Tank Cleaning Systems:

Barrel Cleaner BRA HD and FR1:

Тank washer:

Barrel Cleaner H.S.:

Tank cleaning:

FR2 Barrel Cleaning System:

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