Sodinal - your reliable partner in the modern oenology and winemaking

About Sodinal

Founded in 1993 as a Wine & Beverage Division of AVeX Group, Sodinal has a leading role in the implementing and developing of modern oenology and winemaking in Central and Eastern Europe. Thanks to its well developed structure, team of professionals and worldwide known partners, Sodinal is responsible for the implementation of innovations and development of the oenology and the winemaking.

Our portfolio

The range of products and services provided by Sodinal cover each technological stage of the winemaking process and helps winemakers to achieve their goals. A key element of Sodinal’s development strategy is the complex service and quality and modern solutions. We aim to offer a full range of products, services, machines and equipment for the wine industry. Our experience and commercial attitude allow us to add new products to our portfolio and continually adapt it in function of the specific requirements of the winemakers in each country.


In the core of Sodinal is a team of professionals oenologists, engineers and mechanics who work constantly to provide oenological and technological solutions, technical support and service. We are in close contact with the winemakers and we adapt our offerings according to their needs.

Territorial coverage

Willing to be closer to our customers, Sodinal established a wide structure of offices and warehouses in France, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova and Macedonia, which allows us to be flexible and to provide a fast delivery and good service.


Sodinal has for partners worldwide known companies leaders in the production of products and equipment for the wine industry. Together with our partners we are constantly working to improve our presence in the region and to provide better solutions for our customers winemakers.


The quality is a fundamental principle adopted by Sodinal:

  • Strict selection of partners and products;
  • Guarantee for origin and traceability;
  • Compliance with the standards for food safety and the International Oenological Codex;
  • Guarantee that the products are not GMO;
  • Compliance with the specific conditions of transport and storage of the products;
  • The introduction of a certification system for quality management ISO 9001;

Research involvement

Thanks to its partnership with international and local companies, institutes and universities, Sodinal organizes and participates in the realization of a number of scientific events for products and equipment for the wine industry:

  • Studies
  • Researches
  • Tests and Comparisons
  • Demonstrations
  • Scientific seminars

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